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Follow up adjustable values
YMC-I FOLLOWUP ADJUSTABLE VALVES.YMC-I series followup adjustable valves are used to control the tangle of linear object, for example, the valve maintains the linearly tension consistency of lines being winded on or let out from a reel and balance th...
Counterbalance valve
FH TYPE COUNTERBALANCE VALVES.FH type counterbalance valve is mainly used in hydraulic systems of crane. It will keep the speed of hydraulic motors and cylinders steadily without any influence came of loading changes, it is mounted check valves in go...
Two way flow control valves
2MRB SERIES FLOWS CONTROL VALVES.2MRB series flow control valves are restrictive style flow regulators, without affected by pressure and temperature....
Throttle shut-off valves / Throttle check shut-off
FV/FRV SERIES THROTTLE VALVES/THROTTLE CHECK VALVES.FV/FRV; FVP/FRVP series throttle check valves are used to regulate the speed of actuators simply and precisely....
Throttle valve/Throttle check valves
FG THROTTLE VALVES/FK THROTTLE CHECK VALVES.FG/FK series throttle/throttle check valves mounted on the oil pipe lines directly. FG throttle valve is used to regulate flow by turning adjustment sleeve. FK throttle check valve is used to control flow i...
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