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Modular throttle check valves
Z2FDS SERIES DOUBLE THROTTLE CHECK VALVES.Z2FDS series double throttle/check valves are used to restrict flow in one direction while allowing free-flow in the opposite direction as check valves....
Modular check valves
Modular check valves used to close one or two actuator ports...
Modular pressure reducing valves
ZPR-D SERIES DIRECT REDUCING MODULAR VALVES.ZPR-D series are 3-way direct operated pressure reducing valves, which are used to reduce the pressure in a certain circuit lower than of the main circuit....
Modular pressure relief valves
ZPB/Z2PB SERIES RELIEF MODULAR VALVES.Pressure relief valves of ZPB/Z2PB series are pilot operated style modular valves....
Modular subplate
MODULAR VALVES.Modular valves are designed to meet the requirements of modern hydraulic systems, it has the characteristics of variety, rationality, but without pipeline connection. Pressure control modular valves, flow control valves and check valve...
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