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The present invention relates to an hydraulic valves, which inter alia, can be used as a completely novel type of blocking valve or so-called locking- valve. Such valves find use in hydraulic systems and are intended to block hydraulic lines passing to and from hydraulic motors. Such valves may also be used for the primary purpose of eliminating so-called load creep, which occurs in various types of hydraulic piston-cylinder devices or rams when under load and which, more specifically, means that any load whatsoever held by an hydraulic piston-cylinder device will be slowly lowered due to internal leakage of hydraulic medium in the hydraulic system, and particularly in operating valves present in the system.

Grove has been manufacturing a comprehensive range of products to support your lifting needs since 1947. The Grove Manufacturing Company was founded by Dwight L. Grove, John L. Grove and Wayne A. Nicarry tin Shady Grove, Pennsylvania. Grove cranes¡¯ was responsible for introducing the world¡¯s first slewing rough terrain crane in 1968 and the world¡¯s first trapezoidal boom in 1970. In 1994, the Grove Manufacturing Company became the first international multi-facility crane manufacturer to receive the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

The Grove mobile hydraulic cranes range in capacity from 14t (15USt) to 499t (550USt) and include rough terrain, truck mounted, all terrain, yard boss industrial cranes and other specialized types. A "crane" is a machine for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine. Cranes whether fixed or mobile are driven manually or by power.

Grove is one of the world¡¯s leading producers of Mobile hydraulic valves, with a range of grove crane product including: Rough Terrain, Truck Mounted, All Terrain, Grove YardBoss Industrial Cranes, and Shuttlelift Carrydeck Industrial Cranes.Lifting capacity for these products ranges from 8.6 tonnes to 558.8 tonnes. Through wear and tear, often parts need to be replaced one at a time to ensure the crane continues to function at its highest level. With complex machines like the Grove cranes, when parts need to be replaced, it is of the utmost importance that the correct parts are sourced. Parts for Grove cranes are available to be bought from an array of companies and source able replaceable parts range from: Groves, Air 4-way, transmission air, through to cable for Grove Crane and and all the way to wiring diagram for Grive cranes.

Manitowoc Cranes, a division of The Manitowoc Company, Inc in the United States acquired Grove Worldwide in 2002. Manitowoc Cranes produces four brands of cranes and has two service brands, Manitowoc Crane Care and Manitowoc Finance. Manitowoc produces several lines of cranes to serve the construction industries. The company produces high-capacity lattice-boom crawler cranes, tower cranes, and mobile telescopic cranes for heavy construction, commercial construction, energy-related, wind farm, infrastructure, duty-cycle and crane-rental applications. It is also a producer of boom trucks

Manitowoc¡¯s Grove product line includes: rough terrain, all-terrain, Grove YardBoss, industrial and Shuttlelift Carrydeck cranes, each of which are designed to suit specific job site specification and fulfill certain criteria. The rough terrain cranes are fitted with four steering modes allowing easy maneuvering in tight quarters. The all-terrain units combines fast highway speeds with excellent off-road performance and very powerful lifting capabilities. The Grove YardBoss crane can be used for plant maintenance and material handling jobs. Finally the industrial cranes and Shuttlelift Carrydeck cranes are designed for both indoor and outdoor jobsite.

In October 2009, Manitowoc introduced a new Grove crane at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo. The industrial crane features a 71 ft four-section boom with a 17 ft offsettable swingaway extension. According to Tom McCallum, director of industrial crane sales at Manitowoc,"The upper section of the door swings out to allow more room in the cab," he said. "And a tilt steering wheel and smoother operating joysticks have been added for easier operation."


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