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Hyperpressure Valves

YQ-45 SERIES Hydraulically Hyperpressure Seven-way Valves.YQ series hydraulically hyperpressure seven-way valves equipped in high pressure power unit, are designed to control six oil circuits open or close through one supplying line by pilot oil. It ...

Hyperpressure Valves

YQD-13 SERIES Hyperressure Pilot Operated Check Valves.YQD series hyperpressure pilot operated check valves allow high pressure oil free flow in one direction and block in the counter direction, it can be used to maintain pressure in hyperpressure sy...

Hyperpressure Valves

QE-13 SERIES HYPERPRESSURE CHECK VALVES.QE-13 series is used in hyperpressure Occasion. It allows free flow in one direction and block flow in the counter direction. Max.pressure:250MPa; Max.flow rate:60L/min. ... ...

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