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The Hydraulic Valves is like a traffic control signal at a four-way intersection. It might allow east and westbound traffic lanes to continuously flow until the light changes, which would permit the north or southbound lanes to flow. The east and westbound traffic flow represents circulating hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic valve is representative of the traffic signal. Push the hydraulic valve and circulating fluid is diverted to extend a hydraulic ram. Pull the hydraulic valve and fluid is diverted to contract the same ram. The hydraulic valve is only a small part of the total system.Hydraulic Valves , Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:
2 lever hydraulic valve bank
Snow plow truck
Safety glasses
Operate Hydraulic Valve Bank on a Snow Plow
Start the snow plow truck and let it idle until the engine reaches operating temperature.

Push the first lever of the hydraulic valve bank in the cab of a snow plow truck. In this case, it diverts fluid to the front-mounted plow ram and raises the snowplow off the ground.

Release the first lever and the snow plow remains suspended off the ground.

Pull the first lever and the suspended plow will go down and return to the ground ready for the truck to plow snow.

Push the second lever in the valve bank and it diverts hydraulic fluid to the connected ram that rotates the plow to the left. Release the lever and the plow remains rotated to the left.This allows the plowed snow to exit the plow blade to the left side of a driveway.

Pull the second lever of the valve bank and it diverts hydraulic fluid to the other end of the hydraulic ram connected to rotate the plow, this time toward the right. Any time the lever is released the plow will stop rotating, so it is possible to stop the plow rotating when the plow is perfectly straight. Pull and hold the lever for a longer period of time and the plow will rotate completely to the right to discharge plowed snow to the right side of a driveway.


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