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Manual & Control Pinch Valves

The primary components of a control pinch valve are a casing and a sleeve designed to contain the low of a production medium. It also serves the purpose of isolating it from its surrounding environment, thereby reducing the potential for contamination of other materials. This variety of valve as a manually operated pinch valve is valuable in the processing of slurries with an entrained solid content, due to the flexibility of the rubber sleeve or elastomer which allows the valve to ˇ°drop-tightˇ± around solid materials that would be trapped in other types of valve.

Manual pinch valves used for fluids can be selected to be compatible with any corrosive and abrasive properties contained in a processed material. This is usually achieved by selecting a suitable synthetic, polymer elastomer. It is a variety of pinch valve that may be considered the most suitable of valves, with the provision that the operating temperature is in accordance with the specified limitations of the elastomer. The manual operated pinch valve is a particular type of component which is ideal for the regulating, directing and control of fluids, gases or liquids. They are also able to cater for fluidized solids or slurries due to the opening, closing and controlled obstruction of various channels. The manual pinch valve and its associated components is technically described as a type of pipefitting but is placed in a separate and specialized category.

The sleeve pinch valve is used in many different operations and applications from industrial, military, to common household plumbing, cooking appliances and garden usage. This is particularly applicable to the control pinch valve in comparison to the operation of veins in the body, controlling blood circulation and maintaining the correct pumping action of the heart.

A manual pinch valve can be operated manually or by means a handle, lever and pedal. An external actuator can automatically control complex control systems using control pinch valves. By example are hydraulic machines and tools that use the power of a fluid for operation. In this type of equipment, particularly of a heavy-duty nature, hydraulic fluid is processed through the machine to a variety of motors and cylinders and becomes pressurized. Various control pinch valves distribute fluid automatically.

The control of processing operations in many applications is directly by manual operated pinch valves from the thinnest of gases to radioactive materials. This is a recognized valve type used in varying applications including the processing of highly corrosive chemicals, hot steam and abrasive slurries.

Used in oil pipelines, manual operated pinch valves are buried, usually at depths of between 3 to 6 feet from the surface of the earth. The direction of the oil flow is by pumping stations located at intervals along the pipeline with a material flow speed of about 3.3 to 20 feet a second. Control pinch valves are an integral part of applications in these industries with multi-product pipelines used to transport two or more different products in sequence in the same pipeline. These are ideal applications for manual pinch valves which are recognized for their excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. Adding to this is their capacity to perform in adverse weather conditions and with a low maintenance factor.

Manual operated pinch valves have a heart, known as a ˇ°sleeveˇ±. This operates on the principle that when compressed with atmospheric pressure, it prevents the flow of a material or liquid. The demands of industry are high, especially regarding specialized applications and the important inner sleeve of the pinch valve is required to be compatible with these demands. Control pinch valves are versatile and due to this they operate in all forms of applications, especially those that require specific operating temperatures.

A manual pinch valves has extensive use in the treatment of sewage and industries involving the processing of food and pharmaceuticals. Users of this type of valve find a particular benefit is the capacity for it to be operated by a hand-wheel or automatically.

A manual pinch valve is generally associated with pumps and pipe applications. From the common bicycle tire valves to those used in oil filters and respirators, this type of valve is an established part of everyday life. They provide services under various titles, depending on the application for which they are used.

The manual operated pinch valve although generally regarded as a common household item, is widely used in applications involving hopper tanks, railroad cars and silos. It is a variety of valve considered an essential part of many other industrial processes.

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