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how to get the right Pressure Relief Valve

Depending on your model of water heater, you could have either a very easy or very hard to replace pressure relief valve. These types of valves need to be replaced when they are no longer able to withstand the excess pressure of your water heater. So while it is easy to know if something is wrong and to know where to find it, they are not so easy to physically replace.

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Finding the pressure relief valve (or TPR) on your water heater bottle is usually extremely simple. Most models have the valve attached to the discharge pipe coming out of the top of the water heater. Likely it will be the only thing attached to that one pipe. If you're not exactly sure what one of these looks like, you can simply look online for your water heater model and find some pictures.

Finding a new pressure relief valve to purchase is easy, as many models of water heater use the same models of TPR. You can also look online to find out about the valve that you need, or take it into your local hardware store to be pointed in the right direction. After you have found it, taking off the old one is the difficult part.

You're going to want to turn off the water to your home before even attempting to replace the TPR. This way there is no chance for you to make a mistake and have water going all over the place, and it will ensure that you are safe during the process. Remember that water heaters can get up to 140กใ -- and 140กใ of pressurized water is not something you want spraying in your direction.

If you have never replaced or TPR, then removing it will likely be quite a task. The amount of torque that is used to install initially is usually quite high, and being still for years and the time is only going to make it more difficult. You will need both a high torque screwdriver and ranch before attempting to remove your old valve.

if you are not confident in your ability to replace your TPR, then you may want to call a plumber to come by. There is always a possibility that something will go wrong, so if you are not sure that you will be able to do it properly, it is probably best for you to hire a professional. While the cost will very well be substantially higher, it is better than accidentally damaging your water heater or getting injured yourself just replace something as simple as a pressure relief valve. There is no shame in taking the easy way out we just want to be able to make sure that the job gets done right.

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