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Solenoid Valves

In mobile hydraulic applications, manufacturers often encounter the challenge of combining high performance with limited space. Our direct operated solenoid valves are designed for optimum performance.

Dimensions and tolerances are chosen for optimal magnetic performance and the necessary lift of the armature is designed to reduce magnetic loss to a minimum without losing performance. The armature is designed with two slots giving the fluid the possibility to be displaced quickly when the valve is activated.

Mobile hydraulic equipment is often used in dusty or dirty environments. Compact valves often are sensitive to dirt due to the small dimensions. The Danfoss direct operated solenoid valves have two slots in the armature which make it possible for dirt particles to be effectively displaced to a harmless position. The pressed-in orifice is designed with an optimised sealing surface making it difficult for particles to stick and thereby give internal leaks.

In addition to the direct operated solenoid valves, Danfoss has a strong and customer-oriented program of other industrial valve types, designed to suit virtually every industrial application.

Thermostatically operated valve, type AVTA
  • Self acting ¨C needs no electricity
  • Exact temperature control
  • Insensitive to dirt ¨C the reliable fit and forget valve
  • Insensitive to pressures
  • From zero differential pressure
  • Good external tightness even at high differential pressures
  • Broad range of different body materials, connections and temperatures
  • Accessories and options

High performance solenoid valves, types EV220B
  • The best water hammer damped solenoid valve
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Broad range of different body and sealing materials
  • Temperature range from brine to steam
  • Wide coil range up to IP67

Solenoid valve, types EV210A
  • Wide coil range up to IP65
  • Compact and optimised design
  • Simple modular design to ensure reliable function, and easy service
  • Compact solenoid
  • Long lifetime
  • Less sensitive to dirt
  • Increased resistance against corrosion and cavitationsĄŻ
  • Optimum Kv-values
  • Several Kv-values for each tube sizes
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